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The Anse La Raye district is located on the western/Caribbean side of the island, the geographical location gives birth to some beautiful beaches in a centralized location. The name Anse La Raye is French for bay of the rays, since there are a large number of skate fish or rays in the bay. The main town in the area has the district’s name (Anse La Raye), and is a small fishing town which hosts Friday Fish Night, every Friday, which includes food, music, and other festivities that attract tourists and locals to partake in the fun. The district is also home to a number of other attractions including Anse Cochon, which is well known for being a snorkel destination. Marigot Bay is also an attraction that is shared with the Castries Region, and is home to a number of celebrity getaways.

In French colonial times, Anse La Raye was the site of sugar plantations. During the French Revolution, slaves were freed and the plantations were burned. Most people abandoned the land and turned towards fishing as a livelihood. Banana and coconut oil production became more important in the mid-20th century, as well as boat building. The area is known for feather racing boats and canoe races. In the late 1990s, a Friday Fish Night became popular entertainment in the town of Anse la Raye.

Population (2010 census): 6,060
Estimated Average Nightly Short Term Rental Price (AirBnB 2023): $118 with a range of $80 to $170

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