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Welcome to the Saint Lucian real estate market! We would like to personally welcome and thank you for trusting Golden Hour Group to be your exclusive real estate agents. We are happy to guide you through the seemingly daunting task of investing in a foreign market. This guide serves to provide you with general information. Please keep in mind that the following information is subject to change. To secure exclusive buyers agent representation from the Golden Hour Group, buyers are required to show proof of funds or a pre-qualification letter from the institution of their choice. Although we would love to have our initial discovery session face-to-face, we understand that that is not always possible. We are available via Zoom if face-to-face meetings are not possible. From there, we will have a conversation to determine needs and expectations. If we decide that exclusive representation is well suited to both parties, then we will proceed to the next step of searching for the best properties for your needs. Because we have strong relationships with many real estate agencies and individual agents, we have access to many properties that may not be posted online or on social media.

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Finally, when the ALHL has been associated with a property, and the transaction is complete, you will receive an Alien Investor Entrance Permit. This permit will allow you to enter the country without having to check into immigration for a Visa. Buyers are responsible for paying Stamp Duty and all fees associated with the purchase. Responsibilities that fall on the seller are paying for the Survey, Vendors Tax, attorney fees pertaining to the sale, and the realtors Commission. If the home or property being purchased needs improvements or to be built on, permits and approvals will be needed from the Development Control Authority (DCA) before closing. International Business License (IBC) – when a foreign buyer buys an existing business that comes with the land Local buyers must provide a letter from Inland Revenue for Property Tax Clearance and Income Tax Clearance, as well as a letter from National Insurance for Clearance. The purchaser is required to pay stamp duty, which is 2% of the purchase price, and all associated registration fees. There will be an additional stamp duty of around 1% of the purchase price to register the mortgage. Legal fees are general right around 1% for Local buyers.

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Although buying Saint Lucia real estate can seem daunting at first, rest assured that we will be here to expertly guide you through every step of the way.