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View fort  is the southern most district of the island.  The district is named after the main village located here, which is also the second largest of the island next to the capital, Castries. It is where the main international airport is located along with a number of other industrial complexes.  Here, you can find the main international airport, along with one of the main Hospitals of the island, a flour mill, seafood processing plants, universities, a solar farm and a horse track.  Although the area is more industrial in nature, it is still home to a number of beautiful hotels and villas.


During the 18th century, this area was the center of Saint Lucia’s Sugar Industry.  During World War 2, the Americans built an airfield called Beane Army Airfield.  After the war, the base was closed down and the airfield was expanded to form the current International airport. Part of the coastline of Vieux Fort includes Black Bay.  The name comes from the infamous pirate, Blackbeard.  It is said that he used to stash his treasures in this area.  

Population (2010 census): 14,754

Estimated Average Nightly Short Term Rental Price (AirBnB 2023): $107 with a range of $40 to $165

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