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Point Seraphine in Castries

Golden Hour Group invests in their sellers. Our goal is to market seller properties in ways that leave potential buyers excited for the opportunity to invest in Saint Lucia. We will use multi-channel marketing strategies to ensure your property stands out above the competition. At GHG we strive to guide as many qualified, ready, able, and willing buyers to your property as possible. Ultimately, it is our mission to net you the highest amount of money in the shortest amount of time possible. While no firm can guarantee results, we use every resource possible to ensure seller success.

Not only will we market your property with the utmost care, but we also will work for you with a high level of professionalism. GHG relies on our strong international relationships within our large network of business, real estate, and financial professionals, to ensure that we are top of mind, and in the know across industries and platforms. We do insist that sellers work with us on an exclusive basis, so that we can guarantee dedicated performance and ROI.

Services for Exclusive Sellers

Our aim is to help you reach your goals of selling your asset in a timely manner and for the highest price possible. 

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