St. Lucia Regions


Anse Le Raye

The Anse Le Ray district is located on the western/Caribbean side of the island, the geographical location gives birth to some beautiful beaches in a central....

Canaries in Saint Lucia


Canaries is the smallest of all of the 10 districts in Saint Lucia. Its main city takes the name of the district (Canaries). The small finishing town climbs up a steep...

Homes in Castries in Saint Lucia


Castries is the most populated districts in Saint Lucia. It is home to a number of populated areas including the Capital of Castries. The geographical...

Beachfront in Choiseul


Choiseul is the district in the south west of the island, just next to Soufriere, home of the Pitons. The people of Choiseul have traditionally taking a more indigenous...

Ocean Views - Land For Sale in Dennery


Dennery District can be found on the East cost of the island. It is centrally located along the highway, meaning you are approximately 45 min to Castries in the north, and...

Homes in Gros Islet

Gros Islet

Gros Islet is the most northern district of the island. The District was recently merged with Dauphin, to include all of the northern tip, known as “The Cap”. Gros Islet is home...

Homes in Laborie, Saint Lucia


Laborie is one of the southern most districts of the island, neighboring the district of Viex Fort, meaning you are only 20 minutes from the airport, and one of the largest cities in...

Micoud Ocean View


Micoud is one of the larger geographical districts of Saint Lucia. It is positioned in the south east, just north of Vieux Fort, meaning quick access (10min) to the...

The Pitons in Soufriere - Saint Lucia


Soufriere, French for “Sulfur in the air”, was the name given to the main village in the district (Soufriere). The village of Soufriere was once the capital of St Lucia before...

Homes in Vieux Fort

Vieux Fort

View fort is the southern most district of the island. The district is named after the main village located here, which is also the second largest of the island next to the...

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