Homes for Sale in Saint Lucia

Welcome to the Golden Hour Groups collection of homes for sale in St. Lucia. Many properties in this list will cater to investors seeking lucrative opportunities in the Caribbean real estate market. This portfolio comprises a mix of investment-worthy properties and income producing homes for sale in St Lucia. Here you will find St. Lucia properties for sale ranging from beautiful villas and new constructions homes to modest residential homes and income producing apartments.

Investors can delve into a spectrum of options, from beautiful ocean-view properties for sale to fixer upper homes. St. Lucia’s allure as a prime investment destination shines through these offerings, with each property suited to align with the discerning investors’ aspirations for optimal returns and enduring value.

Inquire within to see how each St Lucia residential property is positioned to maximize returns. Whether it is your next vacation home that you wish to AirBnB while you are out of the country or perhaps it is your first foreign investment rental property, Golden Hour Group presents an enticing array of choices for those seeking to diversify their investment portfolio in St. Lucia’s investment real estate market.

This list is a full list of all homes for sale in Saint Lucia, but you use the filters to narrow down your results. Please find filtered property for sale lists for Luxury Homes for Sale, Beachfront Homes for Sale, or Seaview or Ocean View Homes for Sale.

Also, an alternative to browsing these homes for sale in Saint Lucia would be to consider looking at our Land for Sale. Home building costs in Saint Lucia are reasonable, so often times, purchasing land and building is great option for building an income producing home in St. Lucia.

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