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Golden Hour Group understands what it takes to ensure a smooth real estate transaction. Having been involved in US and Canada markets prior, and now living and working in Saint Lucia, we understand how things are different from place to place. For many buyers, there could be a lot of unknowns relative to a local transaction. Rest assured that we will provide you with information to help inform you of the process, and information you may need in order to make an informed decision on your real estate purchase. Below is not an exhaustive list, but will provide you with many of the services that Golden Hour Group will provide for you.

Custom Property Search
Not only will we provide you with homes that meet your specific price, size, and amenity needs, but we will also help inform you of key insights into the specific areas you are considering, to help you understand if the location makes sense for you.
Market Research/Consultation for Investors
For investors looking for income streams, or to develop land, let us help you understand initial costs such as renovation costs, home build costs, etc. Having a rough idea will help you con sider if it makes sense to get in touch with local resources for a more thorough estimate, and we have contacts to help you there.
Help finding a Caribbean Mortgage
Want to understand lending in Saint Lucia? Our partners will help you through the process to get a mortgage in Saint Lucia, weather you are local to the area, or a foreigner looking to purchase an investment property.
Help with understanding Development Process
With Saint Lucia real estate interest on the rise, you may be looking to build a home or buy land to create a development. In either case, we can help inform you of the typical steps you need to take, and get you in touch with the right contacts you need to speak to in order to go through with your plan.
Guided Tours
Many buyers may be from out of country, so will only have a limited time on the island when looking at places. Let us do the heavy lifting to coordinate the logistics to ensure your property search while on the island is as seamless as possible, giving you more time to enjoy your self on the island, and think about what property you ultimately want to move forward with.
Buyer Representation During Negotiation
Saint Lucia is not like other markets. Things are still not digitally governed, so data is not easily accessible. Our tried and true methodology allows us to understand the Market and help negotiate the best price for you in the current market state.
Transaction Coordination
Real Estate transactions can be overwhelming.  There are multiple parties that need to be involved during the process in order to ensure due diligence is done, and that the transaction is successful.  We will coordinate every step with the third parties to ensure a smooth transaction.

Although we have listed specific services above, please know that we truly are just looking to help you succeed in whatever endeavor you are starting.  This is a small island, and we are always looking to develop long lasting relationships.  Paths can cross often and future opportunities will always present themselves. 

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