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Petit Piton in Saint Lucia

When it comes to selling your Saint Lucia property, the Golden Hour Group is your top choice.   Many agencies choose a passive approach to selling your property.  At GHG, we take an active approach to selling. We actively sell your listing to the market with the aim of attracting as many qualified buyers and  attaining  as many offers as possible.   Below are examples of how we will achieve our goal.

Property Photography
Not all pictures are equal, and our experience in other markets understands that. We have the knowledge to know what to look for when taking images to ensure your property looks as attractive as it can.
Property Valuation
With Saint Lucia not yet having records digitally accessible, pricing your home can be difficult. With our valuation principles, we can show you what the market is saying about the valuation or approach you should take for how to market your property.
Property Listing
When it comes to selling your property, visibility is everything. We will actively list your property on our website, and also work with other partners to broadcast out that same listing to other websites, maximizing the audience of buyers who are potentially looking to buy in your area.
Finding the Audience for Your Listing
What’s the highest and best value of your property? Should your home be marketed more as a family home, or is there benefit to approaching your listing differently to attract a different audience such as investors looking for rental properties? Is your piece of land suitable for home development, or is there a better use, such as industrial/agricultural? Questions like these will determine who is best suited to target for marketing your property. Don’t leave money on the table.
Networking to Extend Our Reach
On top of targeting the right people via marketing tactics, we also will be reaching out to our own network to spread the word about your property. Our broad network includes audiences from all over the world . We will ensure your property is presented to our network for consideration.

When it comes to selling, know that we will not sit idly by. We understand the true nature of a market. Markets and pricing are determined in part by supply, but also by demand. If someone isn’t working to generate demand for your property, you are not going to get the price you deserve. 

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