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Dennery District can be found on the East cost of the island. It is centrally located along the highway, meaning you are approximately 45 min to Castries in the north, and 45 min to the Airport in the southern village of Vieux Fort. It is best known for fishing and agriculture (lima beans, bananas, and other tropical fruit). The District is home to the town of Dennery, which is a picturesque town overlooking a bay and a small island. It also is home to Fond d’Or Bay, and Frigate Island Nature Reserve. Both attract tourists looking to explore ruins, birdwatch, or hike trails to beautiful lookout points.

Dennery, formerly known as Anse Canot (Bay of Canoes), but was renamed after Count d’Ennery, and author who wrote about Saint Lucia in 1765 and later became governor general of the windward islands from 1766 to 1770

Population (2010 census): 12,767
Estimated Average Nightly Short Term Rental Price (AirBnB 2023): $139 with a range of $30 to $170

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