3 Great Locations to Buy a Rental Investment Property in 2024

St Lucia real estate offers many different opportunities to invest, and includes all types of properties including commercial, industrial, land for sale, and more.   In this article, we will be breaking down the top 3 areas that we see with great potential in the Rental space.  Buying a property for long or short term leasing requires careful consideration. In order to ensure that your property has a high occupancy rate, you must make sure it is the best location for the type of rental you are providing.  Here is what we see as the top 3 choices.  


If you have been looking at real estate in Saint Lucia, you likely have heard of Cap Estate, an affluent area in the Northern tip of the island.  It has been the most sought after area for a number of years now, which has also driven up the prices in that neighborhood. Included in that area is a large development by Cabot, which will bring residential and commercial to the north eastern side of the islands tip, along with a breathtaking golf-course, but what people aren’t paying as much attention to, is the Beausejour area.  The area is extremely close to that Cabot development, and has some spectacular views.  If you are a large scale developer, Beausejour is right next door to future luxury, but at an affordable price.    If you are looking for long or short term rentals, pricing of small plots and existing homes are still affordable, and can demand good rental prices already, with the potential for rental increases in the future as the surrounding areas continue to grow.  

Corinth, Monier and Union

Corinth, Monier, and Union are all small neighborhoods near each other, located in the district of Gros Islet.  They are in a great central location to both Castries and Rodney Bay, making it a great long term rental area.  These areas have good education and infrastructure, easy access to major hubs for work, and are still only minutes from plenty of amenties, including beaches, Mega J (Saint Lucia’s version of a Costco), the Cinema, and other shopping needs.  

Savanne’s Bay

While the north tends to be the more bustling area, the south has the more relaxing and picturesque areas.   Savanne’s Bay is no exception.   This area is home to an exquisite bay  looking out at an island in the middle of it.  It is home to a number of beautiful sanding beaches with coconut palms, and has an overall peaceful feel.  On top of that, you are only 15 min from the international airport, making this area ideal for buying or building short term rentals.  

While these are our 3 favorite areas, Saint Lucia as a whole has some great investments for those looking to invest. With remote work continuing to gain traction, and with the geopolitical atmosphere, more and more people are looking for alternative places to live, and Saint Lucia’s easy foreigner friendly immigration options continue to generate real estate demand.

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