Exploring Saint Lucia: Culinary Options for Vegans

Vegan Dish in Saint Lucia

If you are a vegan looking to ensure you have great choices in Saint Lucia, I have some good news for you. Saint Lucia has options. Saint Lucia is a small island with a hilly landscape making livestock more difficult to raise on the island. Couple that with religious/cultural influences such as the Rastafari and their Ital cuisine, and you get a population with many vegans, or those that just don’t believe in eating much meat or dairy. Let’s dive into some aspects of vegan living in Saint Lucia.

Fruits to be on the lookout for

One of the key reasons St. Lucia is good for vegans is its abundant supply of fresh, locally grown produce. The island’s fertile soil and tropical climate contribute to a year-round harvest of different foods. Local Supermarkets import different foods if you are looking for something specific, but local vendors and local markets are where you get the best foods. Seasonal fruits that are available from local vendors include different citruses, soursop, pineapples, bananas, sugar apples, wax apples, golden apples, tropical appricot, spanish limes, passion fruit, guava, and more.

Vegetables and Starches

Local vegtables include staples of their “green seasoning” which includes aromatics, peppers, scallions, and celery. You can also find tomatoes, squash, spinach, lettuce, cucumber, and onion, and cabbage among other options. For starches, this is where you have more variety than most places. In Saint Lucia, green banana and plantains are a staple starch along with breadfruit when it is in season. For Root vegetables, you will commonly see different sweet potatoes, yams, cassava, and dasheen (also known in some areas as taro). This variety of foods sets the stage for a lot of variation in dishes you can cook.

Nuts, Lentils, and Other Foods to Note

When driving through town, local vendors with there produce can be seen peppered through the streets. One vendor you will often see is the coconut vendor. Here, you can buy bottles of refreshing coconut water. On top of this though, they will sell the meat itself. Usually, the meat will be young, and is often known as “jelly coco”. Cashews are also a nut grown on the island that you will see being sold by vendors. Breadnut is less known, but a great option to try. The breadnut is a seed from a relative to the breadfruit and jackfruit, and is often served boiled. They look a bit like roasted chestnuts, but have a roasted potato like taste when cooked. Moving on, you will also see an abundance and variety of lentils, which are commonly grown on the island. Pigeon Peas are another great option which are similar to split peas. Not mentioned in other sections, but worthy of not are avocados, which can be found when in season.

Traditional Vegan-Friendly Dishes to be on the lookout for:

When exploring the island, if you are not going to one of the vegan restaurants below, you will want to be on the lookout for menu options at local restaurants or with local vendors. Some dishes to look out for would be Roti. Roti is a great on the go wrap or burrito style food. Typically vendors will sell a meat and vegetarian option. You will simply need to confirm that the vegetarian option is, in fact, vegan. Callaloo soup, is another option you may see that is a great option to try. This is actually a Trinidadian dish with a spinach based broth.

Vegan-Friendly Accommodations:

St. Lucia’s hospitality industry is attuned to the needs of vegan travelers. Many hotels and resorts now offer vegan-friendly amenities and dining options. From vegan breakfast buffet options to customized plant-based meals, these accommodations ensure that guests can enjoy a stress-free and satisfying culinary experience throughout their stay. If you are looking to explore, there are a couple of great vegan or vegan friendly restaurants on the island as well. If you are staying in the north, some options include Spice of India, I-Tal, Mokocho Vegan Cuisine, or It’s Alive Bakery and Fermentory. If in the south part of the island, try Tree Top Restaurant, Bamboo Restaurant, The Black Bird, or Jah Lambs Vegetarian.

Whether staying at a resort, cooking yourself, or exploring the island, there are plenty of vegan offerings in Saint Lucia. Did we forget an option that should be mentioned? Leave us a comment. We love exploring the island, and if we missed one that we need to try, we would be happy to use your feedback as an excuse to try somewhere new!

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